Attempted Not Known #11: Cassette

In mid-70s Maryland, Peter discovers a few challenging truths about life, physics, and gravity—while destroying a glass door, a tooth, and a cassette recorder.

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Attempted Not Known 10: Comics Cube

Two travelers on a mysterious road trip contend with construction, police, bodily functions, and healthy snacks in this incredibly variable comic that you can change with a twist of the wrist.

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Attempted Not Known 9: Cigarettes

20 hand-rolled comics about smoking, milled from the finest ink and paper, formulated for your pure reading satisfaction.

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Gumball Comic: "Ice Cream"

Romance, bullies, ice cream, and the loyalty of a dog figure into this four-part story that you can only get from a vending machine. For years, this machine graced the lobby of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, but it's been retired to the artist's private collection.

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