What I’m working on when I’m not working

Move Fast And

Graphic novel in progress

For just under a year, I worked at one of the most well-known—and fascinating—companies on the web. I laughed; I cried; I learned. And now I'm working on a graphic novel about that year of my life. You can see the pages as I draw them: patreon.com/stymied

Color Clock

Physical and virtual, precise and imprecise

The color clock uses color to display the time. The goal is to show the time accurately and precisely in a way that does not make it easy to see exactly what time it is, so that you do not get preoccupied with time.

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A graphical representation of what I'm doing

The Where page updates every minute to show what I'm doing at every given moment. You can think of it as a very boring comic, or a very interesting picture.

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